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Apartment hunting, football, and the past few weeks

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Whew, it has been busy around here. Just a little recap: Suj and I spent the past few weeks looking for a permanent apartment for him in DC, and after hours on craigslist and attending numerous open houses, I am happy to report that we found an incredible place. He moves in around the first of November, which will be awesome because (1) he is anxious to stop living out of a suitcase, and (2) he will be just a few blocks away from me! The move also means there will be lots of projects and organizing and moving furniture about (so hard to explain why I love moving furniture around) and housewarmings. In the meantime, I am reading up on design and décor so I can be totally ready to offer my unsolicited advice.

Other than apartment hunting, my free time has been filled with a lot of football and mandatory continuing legal education courses. I can’t really say which I enjoy more. Erin has been trying to convert me into a football fanatic, but as of now, I am only ever excited about the football food. (I’m trying. Promise.) As for the CLEs, well … I’m finally done. My work doesn’t pay for the classes like some employers do, so I shopped around for some online bargain courses this year. Unfortunately the inexpensive courses generally don’t feature the most exciting topics (ahem, pre-immigration income tax planning). Oh well, broadening my horizons, I suppose.

On a brighter note, here are some photos of the past few weeks of traveling, exploring, and celebrating nuptials:

MG 0059MG 0058
{beautiful view at the Philip Carter Winery}

MG 0066
{mason jar accents}

MG 0068
{looking glam–thanks Cindy!}

MG 0090
{huge hot sauce selection at the Apple House}

MG 0097
{soju bloody mary at Mandu, in Dupont}

MG 0103
{my ongoing obsession with old globes}

Happy Weekend

Friday, October 28th, 2011

It looks like it is going to be a cold Halloween weekend in DC (maybe even snow!). But as the weather gets colder, the colors outside get brighter. Here are a few shots from last weekend. We spent a beautiful Sunday evening in Maryland, celebrating the marriage of our friends, Jenn and Saul. The bride and groom looked very happy together and their vows were so sweet (I definitely teared up a little). The setting was perfect, a charming mansion surrounded by trees, and the live jazz band was a blast. However, all of that was nearly overshadowed by the food! Best. Wedding. Food. Ever. They had a buffet style menu featuring food from different locations of importance to the couple, including a huge selection of pies for dessert. Here are just a few of the highlights…


{mazel tov!}


Rosie & Deepak, wedding in Michigan

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

IMG 1118IMG 1117IMG 1112IMG 1110IMG 1111IMG 1109

 Rosie and Deepak got married last weekend with several beautiful ceremonies in Dearborn, Michigan. I had the pleasure of attending the wedding with Sujeet and his family. This was my first Indian wedding and I had such a wonderful time. The couple held a Christian ceremony on Friday morning (which, unfortunately, we missed due to work) and a Hindu ceremony on Saturday. I made it in time for the sangeet on Friday night, which was so much fun. Rosie blew everyone away with her Bollywood style dancing skills! The wedding was gorgeous and I am so excited for the happy couple! Congrats!