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Trivia Night!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


There are few activities more quintessentially “DC” than trivia night. Practically any night of the week you can find at least one local bar packed with young professionals coming straight from the office to meet up with friends and show off knowledge about obscure things. Teams are made up of about eight members and the competition features multiple rounds, some of which involve audio or video clips. The winning team gets $50 off their tab, so the stakes are high. Trivia night is a thing, and it is huge.

I have never been great at trivia. Give me a category about old Broadway shows or B-list celebrity relationships and I would dominate, but unfortunately, the questions are usually some combination of word riddles and geography. Not my strong suits. Anyway, I tagged along with Elizabeth to Stetson’s trivia on Tuesday and had a great time with her co-workers. Our team didn’t win, we didn’t even place (did I mention how serious DC folk are about their trivia??); but fortunately, Suj joined us in time to provide much needed help with a nineties-music round. That’s right, my boyfriend was able to correctly identify which “Now That’s What I Call Music!” album featured Chingy’s “Right Thurr.” One of the many reasons I love him.