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Mother’s Day Paper Rose Card Tutorial

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

MG 0024

Handmade cards are so special and personal. So this mother’s day¬†tell mom you love her with a beautiful paper rose card made by you! Use any paper you like for the roses. I picked up this scrapbooking paper from the Columbia Heights Target (who knew they had a scrapbooking section!). I attached the roses to a blank fold-over card, but you could also use them to jazz up any basic card or envelope. Here’s how:

Step one: Free-hand draw a swirl design on a 4″ by 4″ square of paper. Tip- the wider you make the lines, the “taller” the flower will be. You can also play around with different sizes of paper to create a variety of flower sizes.

MG 0007

Step two: Cut.

MG 0013

Step three: Roll the strip of paper beginning at the tail end of the swirl, i.e., not the middle part(with the design side of the paper facing in).

MG 0015

Keep rolling to form the rose.

MG 0016

Step four: Add a little glue at the base to keep the flower in place (I used a hot glue gun, but any glue will work).

MG 0019


MG 0023

Step five: Glue the roses to a fold-over card or use them to personalize a premade card.

MG 0027

{Happy Mother’s Day!}