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Valentine’s Day: Long-Distance Edition

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012


Long distance makes mid-week holidays tricky, so Suj and I had to get a little creative this Valentine’s day.  We decided to have a nice, home-cooked meal together … via gchat.  It was actually really great (and more than a little cheesy).  We both made pasta with tomato sauce (but I opted for spaghetti squash instead of noodles and made this recipe, but added spinach).  It was fun to make the same meal at the same time and act as though we weren’t miles apart.  After dinner, we watched Edward Scissorhands together on Netflix.  I am not going to try to describe the logistics of watching a movie long distance, but it suffices to say that we could definitely use some technological advancements in our long-distance-tandem-movie-watching capabilities.

20120215-183739.jpg{my first spaghetti squash, bake and done!} 

20120215-183750.jpg{getting sauce-y}


20120215-184055.jpg{happy valentine’s day}