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weekend notes

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012


Well, I had a wonderful weekend followed by a not-so-wonderful beginning of the week. The good parts? Well first, Suj was in town, which always makes my weekend better. We caught up with friends and celebrated a recent engagement at Lost Society, on U Street, Friday night. Saturday, we headed to the H Street area for an all day birthday party for our friend, Kerry. The highlights included outdoor seating at Biergartenhaus, sriracha cocktails at Church and State, and gourmet ramen for dinner at Toki Underground. Sunday, we made brunch at the house (and broke in Erin’s new waffle maker). We caught a matinee with our friends, Laura and Matthew, then we all took a walk past the white house and grabbed dinner at Hank’s Oyster Bar. It was an amazing, action-packed weekend.

The bad part? The roomies and I woke up to find that we had been burglarized on Monday night. Very scary stuff, but luckily everyone is safe and the intruder did not take anything irreplaceable.

I guess I experienced a little of the good and the bad parts of DC life this weekend, but for me, the good far exceeds the rest.

MG 0018

MG 0012{beautiful day for outdoor seating}

20120314-115505.jpg{gourmet ramen at Toki Underground}

MG 0028{grits with red-eye gravy for brunch}

20120314-115541.jpg{one of my favorite neighborhood spots}

20120314-115607.jpg{a stoll through the city}

20120314-115730.jpg{cherry blossoms near the white house}


Trimming the Tree

Friday, December 2nd, 2011


This weekend the roommates and I are hosting a holiday party complete with homemade eggnog and a chocolate fountain (if not now, then when?). So to prepare, we spent some time last night decorating our Christmas tree. As it turns out, Scott is quite the skilled tree trimmer and therefore spent a bit of time revising some of my ornament-hanging choices (the secret is creating depth). As of now, the tree is almost finished but we still need to find the perfect topper. I have no doubt that the weekend will be a great success, and I am looking forward the music, friends, and “faux-fireplace” dvd at the party.

Also, the answer is yes, I did get a fourth birthday cake. It was chocolate and Erin made it from scratch. And it was really delicious.

Happy Z-day!

Thursday, September 15th, 2011



Wednesday marked the anniversary of the day that baby Z entered the world. I can only imagine that the city of New Haven was beaming. Z was quite low key about his birthday this year and we didn’t actually hear about the occasion until Tuesday night. This is what happens when we slack on the rooster calendar updates. Fortunately, the roomies and I were able to pull together an intimate celebration complete with cake, champagne, and Christmas poppers (again, sorry about all the Christmas decorations, Z!).

Erin made a delicious funfetti cake, although judging by the outcome, I don’t think she has much of a future in post-happy hour cake decorating (yep, those are dinosaur sprinkles). When Z came home, we popped some bubbly and sang “Don’t Stop Believing” (the glee version, it was all Erin had on her iphone). What a great night! I <3 my roomies.