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Georgetown Public Library

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012



My roommates and I are going head-to-head in a “frugal challenge” this week (details to come) and part of the competition involves discovering new activities that don’t solely revolve around spending money. The challenge has been really tough (we are all sort of glad it only lasts a week!) but it has inspired us to take advantage of many awesome free resources in DC. For instance, on Tuesday I took my first trip to the DC public library. The library has a number of locations but I visited the Georgetown branch to catch a free meditation workshop that night. It was a little tricky to get there since Georgetown in not accessible by metro and the library is tucked away (a little far north on Wisconsin). I ended up taking the 31 bus from Foggy Bottom and arrived in about 15 minutes. The library is in a beautiful old building with a state of the art interior (very Georgetown). It is small and quiet with a friendly staff. I signed up for a library card and browsed through the new releases (I almost checked out this because we visited Jeni’s in East Nashville, but homemade ice cream might have to wait until after the challenge). I am looking forward to visiting the Shaw location next, but I’ll hold off until I finish my assigned book club reading this month.

{wrought iron gates}

{arches leading to a reading room}

Beautiful Tennessee Weekend

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The long memorial day weekend gave me a much needed break from the office. It also provided the opportunity to visit a very beautiful part of Tennessee to celebrate with Matthew and Laura. The Chattanooga wedding was so sweet and the vineyard reception was picturesque. The southern weather was warm but the air cooled off after the sun set (just in time for the groom’s dance moves to heat up!).

After the wedding, we spent a few days in Nashville visiting friends and doing a little touristing. I brought my Olympus Pen camera and can’t wait to get the film developed. I’ll post the Nashville shots when I do. The trip south was a great way to kick off the summer.

MG 0043
{view of the vinyard}
MG 0046
{fresh flowers in rustic vases}

the weekend, Brooklyn edition

Monday, May 14th, 2012

MG 0043

Well, I finally made it up to Brooklyn! This felt like the longest short-weekend-trip ever, because we packed in so many sights and activities. I always hear that I would love Brooklyn, so it was high time for me to visit.

I left the office a little early and met Ashley at Union Station where we boarded our Bolt bus to NYC. (FYI, I so prefer the DC2NY bus, despite the name. Their buses seem newer, they give you water bottles, and the play movies. It’s the little things that get me.) When I arrived in New York, I said good-bye to Ash and took the train to the Upper East Side to meet up with Suj for a celebratory dinner at Maya. This was the real excuse for the trip; we were toasting our good friend who just graduated from Colombia business school (yeah!). The restaurant was great! I love Mexican food and DC is sadly lacking in that area. After dinner, we headed out to Brooklyn to stay with one of Suj’s friends. He has a great place on a really cute block in Cobble Hill.

We started our Saturday early with brunch in the city then spent the afternoon exploring Brooklyn. I will admit, I’ve never loved Manhattan. I get a little overwhelmed with the noise and the people, so Brooklyn was much more my speed. I liked browsing the shops and strolling through cute neighborhoods, and I got ice cream twice. We were all over the place; Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, then Fort Greene. Oh, and we saw Ice T. It was quite the day.

Our walking tour was really nice, but I was exhausted by late afternoon, so we regrouped before heading to dinner. We met up with friends at DBGB for our 10:15 reservation. Considering this is usually my bedtime (old, I know), I felt very swanky and European by our dinner plans. The food was worth the wait (the burger and the Thai links, all I’m saying) and the company was even better. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun at dinner.

On our last day in the city, we headed over to Williamsburg to do a little shopping at the flea market. We grabbed brunch at Nita Nita, where I had an excellent BLT that I will be attempting to recreate at home. After the market, we said good-bye to friends and started the journey back to DC. Whew, how did we manage to pack it all into one weekend?!

20120515-090524.jpg{salted caramel sundae from The General Greene}


MG 0011{retro street lights in Williamsburg}


MG 0024{rusted detail}


MG 0056{banh-mi style hotdog at the flea market (plus hipster)}


MG 0004{view from our Manhattan hotel room}

Happy Friday

Friday, April 27th, 2012

I {heart} DC. I was reminded of this fact last weekend when I was able to play tour guide for my family. My mom likes to judge vacations based on the food, and I think this was a good “food trip” as she would say. They loved lunch at Sweetgreen and we had a relaxing Saturday night dinner at Rosemary’s Thyme. My brother, Mitch, was thrilled to find Potbelly’s, and we picked up the most amazing German chocolate birthday cake from Cakelove for my (now 11-year old) sister, River. I am sad they are gone so soon, but at least I can share photos from the trip (and finally turn my attention to overdue laundry!).

MG 0198MG 0057MG 0061MG 0071MG 0073MG 0086MG 0090MG 0097MG 0113MG 0115MG 0124MG 0148MG 0152MG 0157MG 0163MG 0171MG 0191MG 0187MG 0204MG 0201

The Fam in the City

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


This weekend, my family from Utah visited DC for some sightseeing, food, and a whole lot of pictures. This was their first trip to DC since I moved here (three years ago, wow!) and it was fun to share with them some of my favorite spots in the city. My baby sister is adorable, and she was quite the ham, posing for photos and documenting the whole trip on her flipcam. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed them! Nothing better than the fam.

Park City Wedding

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012
MG 0155

I am so excited for my lovely friend, Sarah, and her charming new husband, Christopher. They were married over the weekend at the Canyons Lodge in Park City, UT, and the ceremony was simply beautiful.  I love that the guests were greeted with champagne for the gondola ride to the lodge. Once we got to the top, the snowy mountains made a peaceful and striking backdrop for the ceremony. I was something of a blubbering mess as the minister read love letters that the couple had written to each other, but somehow I managed to compose myself just in time for dinner and dancing. What an amazing wedding. Congrats!

MG 0063

{personalized hanger}


MG 0064
{lace embroidered veil}


MG 0166
{arriving in style}


MG 0204


MG 0259
{walking down the aisle}


MG 0280


MG 0223
{flowers decorating the room}


MG 0354
{personalized centerpiece}


MG 0222
{illuminated mason jar}


MG 0105
{suite at the Canyons Lodge}


MG 0127
{the girls and Suj}


MG 0325


MG 0328
{the bride}

Travel Guide: Park City, UT

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

MG 0022

I had a fantastic weekend in Park City, UT! The town is very quaint, with multiple ski lodges in the area, but there is a lot to do even if you don’t ski. One of the highlights for me was window shopping on main street. There are lots of local shops where you can browse for gifts, clothes, and jewelry. Main street is also home to many bars and restaurants. On Friday night, we shared a booth with friends at Flanagan’s Irish Pub then went out for a little dancing at Downstairs. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the trip was (considering it is a fancy ski resort town!). We had a great time and I look forward to visiting again in the future.

MG 0003{breakfast at the cabin}


MG 0008
{main street}


MG 0014{jewelry displayed on an old window frame}


MG 0015

happy weekend

Friday, March 23rd, 2012
MG 0009{packing a few of my favorites}

I am so excited to travel home to Utah this weekend and celebrate the wedding of my beautiful friend, Sarah. She is getting hitched at a ski lodge in Park City, which is such a fun idea! Sarah is so stylish and I am sure the event is going to be amazing. I am also very excited to introduce Suj to my west-coast friends. I just can’t wait to get there!

Where To Eat – DC: Taylor Gourmet

Monday, March 19th, 2012


I love a good sandwich. Taylor Gourmet is a stylish DC spot with a creative sandwich menu, so I was thrilled when they opened a location in my neck of the woods. Last week, I visited their new 14th street location in northwest DC. The reclaimed-style decor gives the place a cool, urban feeling, but the highlight, of course, is the food (I ordered the “race street” and it was awesome). This place is definitely on my restaurant-list when my folks visit next month.

20120319-092105.jpg{bucket light fixtures}

20120319-092940.jpg{the race street}

weekend notes

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012


Well, I had a wonderful weekend followed by a not-so-wonderful beginning of the week. The good parts? Well first, Suj was in town, which always makes my weekend better. We caught up with friends and celebrated a recent engagement at Lost Society, on U Street, Friday night. Saturday, we headed to the H Street area for an all day birthday party for our friend, Kerry. The highlights included outdoor seating at Biergartenhaus, sriracha cocktails at Church and State, and gourmet ramen for dinner at Toki Underground. Sunday, we made brunch at the house (and broke in Erin’s new waffle maker). We caught a matinee with our friends, Laura and Matthew, then we all took a walk past the white house and grabbed dinner at Hank’s Oyster Bar. It was an amazing, action-packed weekend.

The bad part? The roomies and I woke up to find that we had been burglarized on Monday night. Very scary stuff, but luckily everyone is safe and the intruder did not take anything irreplaceable.

I guess I experienced a little of the good and the bad parts of DC life this weekend, but for me, the good far exceeds the rest.

MG 0018

MG 0012{beautiful day for outdoor seating}

20120314-115505.jpg{gourmet ramen at Toki Underground}

MG 0028{grits with red-eye gravy for brunch}

20120314-115541.jpg{one of my favorite neighborhood spots}

20120314-115607.jpg{a stoll through the city}

20120314-115730.jpg{cherry blossoms near the white house}