Backyard Plans

Predictably, I fell off the blog-wagon almost as quickly as I got back on. I really wanted to update the blog in real time as we renovated, but something happened along the way. Things got really REAL at the house for a while. During our renovation, there was a significant amount of time when the house looked truly terrible. Just filthy and broken and full of cardboard boxes and stray nails.


During this same time, we were also writing checks for very large sums of money and handing them over to contractors (insert emoji of the money flying away). We managed to keep our spirits high and maintain a good sense of humor during this time, but it basically killed my blogger spirit. When you are tearing things apart and building them back up, there tends to be a nagging fear in your head that it might not turn out well, and that you will be stuck with an empty bank account and a broke down palace. But then something happens. One day, you wake up and things look better. Eventually you have a kitchen again. Then a bathroom. Pretty soon the contractors leave and you roll out the rugs and unpack the boxes and live your life in your “new” home. And it’s amazing.


So we made it through to the other side, only the blog got left behind. But not to worry—I took a lot of photos of the progress. I am going to do my best to finish up the renovation diaries so that I never forget the chaos and adventure of 2016. Plus, I feel the need to pay it forward to anyone who is starting a renovation and wants a little insight. I studied the pages of so many blogs while we were working, and I know how helpful all the details can be.


With that said, I’ll jump ahead a little. Now that we have finished the work inside, we currently turning our attention to the backyard.


Our house has a good sized yard in the back (for a city house, that is). We were very excited about the yard space when we purchased the home, but at the time is was a blank space of “grass” (aka trimmed weeds), an enormous and rickety wooden staircase, and the finest chain link fence. Our lovely neighbors, on the other hand, have a serene urban garden in their yard, so we didn’t have to use much imagination to see the space’s potential.


For our yard, we are aiming to create an easy blank slate that we can punch up with some furniture, planters, and an amazing vintage preway fireplace.


Something a little like this:


And now some BEFORE pics:

fullsizerender image1




Hey there, crooked drain pipe!

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