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And… I’m back. With a house! Suj and I are proud owners of a single family home in beautiful Petworth, DC. I’ll spare you the sordid and depressing details of trying to buy property in DC right now, and I’ll just say that after a LOT of house hunting and soul searching we decided to buy a fixer upper. Okay, perhaps it was not quite enough soul searching, because we’ve owned the house for about five months and we have second guessed this decision just about 38 billion times. I exaggerate. But here we are.

I had every intention of getting back on the blogwagon sooner and keeping a detailed diary of every stage of the homeowner/renovation process, but life etc. got in the way. So better late than never! (I still have every intention of filling in the past few months as I go, so that is definitely happening. Definitely.)

Okay, so here we are in early March. Friday will mark two months since the ground breaking of the contractor (aka professional) portion of the renovation. It’s going okay, but full disclosure, I spent about an hour earlier today googling “renovation depression anxiety.” That rabbit hole was somewhat helpful. But at the moment, I am sitting on my cute front porch, typing away at my bistro table while the warm breeze and indie spotify mix keep my company. I must say, my blood pressure is much lower.

So without further ado, let’s get to some before pics, shall we? Brought to you by Redfin-the website that lets total strangers google my house number and see the old listing photos:




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So much potential, right? Do you see it??

Stay tuned. I am definitely going to be really good about updating the blog this time around. Definitely.

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