Jury Duty and the National Air and Space Museum


On the eve of a possible government shutdown, I am spending my time holed up in the jury waiting room at the DC district court. It seems like the only upside to a possible furlough is that I would have a day or two off to spend with my mom, who is in town. But no such luck. Instead I am catching up on my emails and watching soap operas in the waiting room.

The highlight of my service, so far, was the two hour lunch break, during which time I crossed the street and explored the National Air and Space Museam. I’d always heard this museum is better for kids, but I must be a kid at heart because I thought it was so cool! The building is spacious, with high ceilings and all kinds of aircrafts suspended from above.

Suj’s office is about a 10 minute walk from the courthouse, so I also got to spend a few minutes eating lunch with my sweetheart outside on a beautiful DC afternoon. ¬†All in all, I guess jury duty hasn’t been too bad.




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