Green juice with beet leaves


I’m juicing and I love it! So a few weekends ago I watched that juicing documentary on Netflix. I know I am about two years behind everyone else on stuff like this (like when I discovered Pinkberry in 2012 and could not stop talking about it), but I don’t care. I am jumping on the juicing bandwagon! Since I have been eating “cleaner” and exercising  more, I have been concerned that I am not getting enough calories. I feel like I am eating a lot, though. Juicing is a good solution for me because I can get a ton of nutrients without feeling too heavy. Anyway, I have been using the Breville I got for Suj’s last birthday. It is really intense, and I end up finding little bits of fly-away fruit in my hair sometimes, but it does the trick. It is sort of a huge pain to clean every time, but I can deal with it. I am, however, wondering what in the world I can do with all of the fruit and veggie remains. Composting maybe? I also remember hearing a long time ago that you can use the stuff in breads or cakes. I am going to have to do some research. In the meantime, cheers!

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