My new favorite app: Songza

I totally love this app.  Just the other day I was saying that I wish I had an app that would just play music mixes without me having to think of a theme or artist.  Welp … wish granted.  This app is so cool.  It takes into consideration the day and the hour and offers a list of activities you might be doing.  Then it will suggest playlists based on those activities.   Say it is a Wednesday morning at 7 am.  Well, the app will assume that you are waking up, or working out, or driving to the office, and will provide awesome mixes for each of those things.  Say it is Friday at 9 pm.  The app will figure that you are getting ready for a party, or grilling outdoors, or curling up with a book, and it will offer totally new playlists for those things.  Perfect!  I have no idea how the algorithm or licensing works, but I hope it is all solid because this is totally my new favorite app.  Oh, did I mention it is FREE?!  Yeah.

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