South Haven, MI

A few weeks ago the D.C. gang took a trip to South Haven, Michigan to visit Erin’s family and enjoy the lake Michigan beach.  The weekend was full of amazing food, kitsch shopping, and awesome family time.  South Haven is an adorable, sleepy beach town, and Erin’s parents live right next to the water.  The night life was a hilarious change of pace from D.C.!  Alex came close to a career change after being inspired by the drummer in a live cover band, and I could not get over how cheap our bar tab was.  After a lot of dancing and a lot of eating and a lot of snuggling in a king-sized bed with Erin, I was ready to stay forever.  But I guess I am going to have to settle for another visit in the future.  Going home is the best, even if it is not always your own home.

{popcorn is 50 cents here!}

{the old fishin’ boat}

{hunting for ingredient}

{a walk after the farmer’s market}

{so old school}

{wine tasting}

{wet dog}



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