Plant Based Diet Challenge

I have to admit, I have been feeling a little … well, unhealthy lately.  I’ve never been very diligent about diet or exercise, but I have a pretty active lifestyle and generally eat okay, so I have gotten away with a lot of bad habits (ahem, cheese-related habits).  Last weekend, however, I had a little beach time on Lake Michigan and realized I am not in my best beach body shape.  I decided to get proactive and dive into a plant based diet.  My parents have been eating this way for a few months and they love it.  The guidelines I’ve adopted are basically consistent with a vegetarian or mostly vegan diet, but with a little wiggle room.  I am eating meals with fresh, non-processed foods.  This should explain why my recipe posts will be a little “cleaner” for a while.

I’ve been hitting the gym more often as well, and with a little luck maybe I will actually start to enjoy running.  We’ll see.

{Cannellini Bean Salad}

{A little cheese-cheat}

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