MG 0057
(wedding candlelight)

MG 0059
(giant yacht in the Greenwich harbor)

MG 0053

The shifting season has brought a lot of excitement and change. For one, the city is flush with young students returning to DC for fall semester. Suj and I are wrapping up wedding season (I love that that is a thing), so we’ve been traveling to New York, Connecticut, and Virginia the past few weeks. But the most exciting news is that Suj is officially a Washingtonian again! The past year (plus) of long distance between DC and Detroit was difficult. We spent countless hours on the phone, waiting in security lines, trying to fix FaceTime connections, saying goodbye too soon, eating dinner over gchat video, spending weekends alone, riding on the B30, texting, simultaneously watching movie, and waving goodbye at the airport. We were pretty lucky though. We had the means and the flexibility to see each other a lot. We also had the advantage of crazy technology that wasn’t available years ago. I know many people spend time away from loved ones under more difficult circumstances than we had. I am amazed by that kind of commitment. And while I don’t wish for us to ever live that far apart again, I am very aware of how much stronger our relationship is because of this huge thing we did together. So now we are in the same place at the same time. I am excited for our new season.

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