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Ashley and I did a little exploring in DC this weekend. We looked like major tourists as we snapped away with our DSLRs and snacked on cupcakes in Georgetown. Ashley’s been on a major goal/self-improvement kick lately, and I love it. She made us wander around the city for hours honing our photography skills (which, for me, meant taking my camera off the semi-manual mode I love so much and actually adjusting my settings).

The self-improvement day felt good and inspired us to set more personal development goals. We decided to share with one another our short (1-6 months), medium (6 months-1 year), and long (5 years) term goals. I made a huge, sloppy list of things I am dying to do. For instance, I want to get in the habit of writing more letters or cards, so a short term goal I set is to write to at least two people a month. For a medium-term goal, I want to invest in a sewing machine and brush up on my sewing skills. My long-term goals are much more daunting and will require a lot of short-term steps along the way. Examples: I want to work towards Spanish proficiency and learn to play the piano well enough to play in front of others (without feeling terribly embarrassed).

I think sharing my goals with Ash is going to be a huge motivator because she’s not going to let me quit. I learned on Sunday there is no quitting when Ash is in charge. She has a subtle way of motivating; celebrating achievements then ignoring me when I hinted about wrapping up for the day. And now I know the difference between ISO and aperture.

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