Lollapalooza 2012!


I’m not sure how to sum up Lollapalooza 2012. First, the music was awesome! Some of our favorite shows included Miike Snow, Bloc Party, Childish Gambino, Fun., and Jack White. I learned a lot from my first three-day music festival, and there are definitely things I will do to be more prepared next time around.

Things I learned from Lollapalooza 2012:

  1. Jorts are a thing. Seriously. Probably two thirds of the girls at the festival were rocking high-waisted jean cutoffs. I am not sure how prevalent this look is in the real world, but it definitely has not hit DC … yet.
  2. Grant park is amazing. It was such a perfect venue for this sort of event. The grounds were beautiful and easy to navigate. There are plenty of quiet, shady spots, which were so perfect for escaping the summer heat between shows.
  3. I am turning into a mom. Turns out there is something about rowdy twenty-year-olds making ill considered decisions that really brings out a maternal instinct in me. So many times I had to refrain from pleading “You’re too young!” The weekend was an exercise in chillaxing.
  4. I have an obsession with logistics. I was so impressed that everything was so seamless: the scheduling, stage layouts, restroom areas, water refill stations. I couldn’t stop talking about it. Suj could not have been more bored by these conversations.
  5. Most people do not attend Lollapalooza for the music. The mood was friendly and relaxed … but so much chatter!
  6. I love Chicago. I only got a small taste of the city, but I love it. The downtown architecture and the skyline are beautiful. The “L” was quick and easy. I had great food at local restaurants. The city felt huge and intimate and surprisingly walkable. I can’t wait to visit again.



Tips for next time:

What to wear: Next time my philosophy would be 70% comfort, 30% style. There was definitely a festival look—something of a hippie/hipster/feather-wearing/retro/free-spirit vibe—but the most important dress factor for me was comfort. It was so hot! Everything I wore was ruined by the end of the day from hours in the sun. Next time I would just wear a bikini top under a short cotton dress and a hat. I wore a pair of comfortable leather sandals and would do the same next time. Easy, cute, and comfortable.

What to eat: We were less than impressed with the food at Lollapalooza. Everything was pretty expensive and Suj described his burger as “tasteless and overcooked,” which made me laugh (apparently the food at ACL is awesome so he had high expectations). On Sunday, we had a big breakfast before catching a few shows, and then we left the park during a break around 1:30 to meet up with friends for brunch. I thought this was the best way to approach the meal situation. We grabbed some food, on the way home, at McDonalds (the only open place we found). I think I horrified Suj by ordering “all” from the value menu. (I haven’t eaten McDonalds in years and I wanted to try everything!)

What to pack: We brought a backpack with only a few items and it worked great. We packed sunscreen and two refillable water bottles (they have refill stations in the park). We also brought a lightweight sheet to sit on. On the last day, we brought a small hand towel that we soaked with water to cool off our necks. Finally, hand sanitizer and travel sized wet-wipes were a must for the port-o-potties. The website said no professional cameras were allowed, so I left my DSLR at home, but we saw plenty of people with big cameras and no one really seemed to be regulating it, so next time I’d probably try to sneak mine in. Also, next time I would bring some kind of ice pack or neck cooler as well as a spray bottle to cool off in the heat.

Overall I had a great time watching some of my favorite bands with my favorite person. Can’t wait till next time!


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