My favorite DC spots with my girls


I hit up some of my favorite DC spots this week, playing tourist with visiting besties, Heather and Michelle. The girls visited the Smithsonian American History Museum and the Arlington Cemetery while I was at work in the mornings, then I met up with them in the afternoon to check out the White House, the Supreme Court building, the Archives, the Library of Congress, and several happy hours. One of the highlights for me was our night tour of the monuments. The Lincoln memorial at night is truly breathtaking (Heather remarked that our tour looked like a movie). The low was trying to show off a little mid-week nightlife. We discovered there is literally nothing happening on a Wednesday night in this town! But we managed to have a good time anyway (via our pop-punk kitchen dance party). I was so glad to have a few days with my girls and I can’t wait to visit them in Vegas soon. Love you girls!!

IMG 0049
{my favorite pose}

IMG 0051
{Healy Hall at Georgetown}

IMG 0056
{cold treat for a hot day}

MG 0062
{cool display at Anthropoligie}

{spiral staircase in the Supreme Court building}

{fountain at the Library of Congress}



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