Home with the Fam!

MG 0109

I spent the last week with my fam in Utah. My baby brother, Jaxon, is departing for an LDS mission to Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine so we celebrated with a little send-off party. I had the best time with the Cooper-troop. My family is so boisterous and goofy; there is never a dull moment. I am going to miss Jaxon so much over the next two years, but I am so proud of him for beginning this huge journey. When Sinjin got back from Russia last year, he had grown into such a strong, mature man and I look forward to watching Jaxon progress over his mission. Good luck, baby bro! I love you.

MG 0064
{Jaxon, all suited up}
MG 0051
{debut of Mitch’s new mane}

MG 0097
{mom and the boys}

MG 0129
{farewell hug}
MG 0144
{missionary cake from cousin Marlee}

MG 0174
{I’m gonna miss Jaxon’s fresh style}

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