Georgetown Public Library



My roommates and I are going head-to-head in a “frugal challenge” this week (details to come) and part of the competition involves discovering new activities that don’t solely revolve around spending money. The challenge has been really tough (we are all sort of glad it only lasts a week!) but it has inspired us to take advantage of many awesome free resources in DC. For instance, on Tuesday I took my first trip to the DC public library. The library has a number of locations but I visited the Georgetown branch to catch a free meditation workshop that night. It was a little tricky to get there since Georgetown in not accessible by metro and the library is tucked away (a little far north on Wisconsin). I ended up taking the 31 bus from Foggy Bottom and arrived in about 15 minutes. The library is in a beautiful old building with a state of the art interior (very Georgetown). It is small and quiet with a friendly staff. I signed up for a library card and browsed through the new releases (I almost checked out this because we visited Jeni’s in East Nashville, but homemade ice cream might have to wait until after the challenge). I am looking forward to visiting the Shaw location next, but I’ll hold off until I finish my assigned book club reading this month.

{wrought iron gates}

{arches leading to a reading room}

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