Paper Puff DIY

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This is a simple DIY idea for party decorations. I used tissue wrapping paper to make puffs of different colors and sizes. I also found this to be a fun way to recycle shopping bag tissue. My blue puffs were originally stuffers from a Club Monaco bag.

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Let’s get started:

MG 0023

I cut three sheets of tissue paper, all about 10×15 inches, and placed then in a stack. Then I made 1 1/2 inch “accordion style”  folds in the paper.

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Secure the center of the folded paper with a clear elastic hair band (you can also tie string around the center, but I found that the clear band worked really well).

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Cut the ends off the paper. Note, that you can change the look of your puff by cutting sharper angles or round edges.

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Gently fold back each layer of paper.

MG 0034

Fluff and adjust until the puff reaches the desired shape.

MG 0035


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Easy, right?

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