Travel Guide Tulum: Where to Stay

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We received some fortunate bad news when we got to Tulum and were told that our hotel had been chosen for us–we were moved due to double booking. I say that the news was bad because it meant that all those hours we’d spent researching Tulum hotels was for naught, but it was also fortunate because we loved our new digs! We spent the week at the Hemingway Cabanas, an adorable little place that we didn’t remember seeing online. The place felt quaint and private (only 10 cabanas) with a beautiful beach (plenty of hammocks and beach chairs) and a lovely breakfast (fruit plate, coffee,  fresh oj, bread and jam, and coffee cake).

We had originally booked a room at La Posada del Sol. I think either place would have been great. We poked around La Posada while we were there and it looked charming–very private beach, cute decor, nice staff. I preferred where we ended up because the beach felt a little sleepier. Tulum’s beach front consists of one long road, and La Posada is closer to the intersection between the beach road and the road into town, and that area is a bit more bustling. The further south we went on the beach road, the more quiet (and upscale) it felt. I think Hemingway had my favorite beach in terms of lounging set up, but our neighboring hotel, Amansala, had a nice vibe as well. Other places we considered: Cabanas Tulum (really beautiful and newly renovated), Ana y Jose (pricey, but very swanky), Maya Tulum (huge but looked nice, yoga retreat), and La Zebra (we met vacation friends staying there and liked the rooms, but Suj ate at their restaurant on his last visit and was underwhelmed).

My final advice for Tulum lodging is to not book anything! Not really, what I mean is, book your first night online then poke around a little while you are down there and see if you discover a great place to stay. Tulum is a very charming, somewhat rustic beach town and that can make online-hotel-shopping something of a challenge (sometimes the pictures just don’t do a place justice, and vice versa). Suj and I booked our first three nights but ended up loving our cabana so much that we stayed the whole trip. But I liked having the option of moving if we wanted to. We got the impression that vacancy would not be an issue while we were down there, and we actually ended up finding vacancies at hotels that were booked while we looked online. I can’t wait to go back and discover even more quiet beach hideaways.

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