Music Thursday: The Dodos


Putting together a “best of” list this year seemed a little overwhelming. (Not to mention I am getting a bit of a late start. Wow, January snuck up on me!) Instead, I’ve opted to share my favorite album of the year: The Dodo’s No Color. I love every song on this record. This album spent more time on my record player than it did in the sleeve and I still can’t get enough. The songs are generally upbeat, with interesting rhythms and guitar work. It’s the perfect background music for my morning routine (or as I cook, or clean, or paint my nails, or thumb through a magazine … you get the idea). Stream music, watch videos, and even snag a free song download at their website.

While we are on the topic of favorites, I might as well share my new favorite accessories: 

{pretty christmas gift}

Oh, how I love me some dainty jewelry.

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