Color Blocked Nails

MG 0103

When I need to relax I love to either take a bubble bath or polish my nails (uber girly, I know), and yesterday, the nails won. I usually stick to solid polish, but was feeling a little feisty and thought I’d change it up with this color blocked design. I really like the color combination of red and gold and the design is so simple.

MG 0084

My younger brother, Jaxon, gave me this bottle of red polish for Christmas last year, and I just love it. I am totally sold on the Revlon colors. They dry fast, usually only need one coat, and are pretty cheap ($3-4 per bottle).

MG 0091

{paint the base color}

MG 0080

{paint a diagonal stripe and fill in the rest of the top color}

MG 0114

{ready to go}

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