Salted Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats

MG 0107

I am not a huge fan of sweets (and yes, my friends think I am an old lady for using the term “sweets”), but about a year ago, my friend Kaitlin introduced me to brown butter rice crispy treats. I was in love, obsessed, I dreamed about these sweets! Anyway, with the influx of holiday baking in our house this month, I decided to take a stab a the recipe myself. The results were good, very good. The recipe is pretty similar to the original treats, but the minor changes make a major difference. The browned butter and salt give these treats a nutty, more complex flavor than the originals.  I like this recipe the best.

MG 0079

{don’t be scared, embrace the butter}

MG 0088

{first it will foam, then it will brown}

MG 0098

{gooey marshmallows}

MG 0125

{cool in pan}

MG 0105


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