three birthday cakes


Okay, so technically I had two birthday cakes, but I am counting the birthday creme brulee that we had at Angelina in downtown Detroit, because it came with a candle. Wow, I can’t believe I turned 28 this weekend! I think this officially makes me an adult (contrary to the fact that I ate cake for breakfast the past three mornings). My birthday usually falls pretty close to Thanksgiving day, so I am always fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family. This year I celebrated in Detroit with a perfect rainy-day birthday. Suj and I saw a movie (the Descendants, it was awesome), shopped for records, and finished with a nice meal. Now I am back in DC and looking forward to a fourth birthday cake when I celebrate with the roomies. I hope that the final cake will be almost as amazing as Z’s dinosaur sprinkle masterpiece!


{makin’ a wish}


{so spoiled} 


{balanced breakfast … sort of}

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