Music Thursday: The Rosebuds


One of my favorite songs in the world is Warm Where You Lay from the Rosebud’s 2005 album, Birds Make Good Neighbors. There is something so sweet about the music, and the lyrics remind me of real, everyday romance. One of my favorite lines states simply, “Your coffee, love, it’s okay to take days off when you work as much as we do…” Whenever I listen to the song I imagine how nice it would be to slow dance while wrapped in the arms of someone I love … Okay, now I am getting off topic.
Anyway, the Rosebuds are playing in DC tonight at the Rock and Roll Hotel. They are currently touring with their new album, Loud Planes Fly Low. Catch the show if you’re in the area. If not, you can watch a video of the band playing a cute accustic verson of Warm Where You Lay on a street in Barcelona (complete with humming, drunk camera man).


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