The Perfect Poached Egg

My roommate, Erin, recently taught the rest of the housemates a skill that has forever changed the life of our kitchen … how to prepare a perfect poached egg. My four roommates and I have various dietary restrictions, for instance, Scott is a full blown vegetarian, Aaron is primarily a vegetarian but will eat some fish, Erin can’t handle the insane amounts of red pepper flakes that Taylor loads on his food, and I will parish if a tree nut gets too close to me. However, despite our variations in diet we all love eggs. Fried, scrabbled, boiled, omelet-ed, and now poached.

MG 0738

{uh oh! someone save that slippin’ egg!}

As Erin informed us, the secret to a perfect poached egg is vinegar. It’s so simple! All you have to do is boil water in a saucepan then add about 2 tablespoons of vinegar (it doesn’t matter which kind, but we have been using rice vinegar). Crack the egg into a very small bowl or a shallow dish to make it easier to transfer it into the water. Once the water is hot, turn the burner down to medium. Use a slotted spoon to stir the water; you want a swirling motion in the pot so that the egg stays together. While the water is moving, slowly ease the egg into the pan. Keep the water moving as the egg cook (about 2-4 minutes depending on how runny you like the yoke). Remove the egg from the water with the slotted spoon and serve on top of virtually anything.

The other day at brunch, we had a breakfast bar with a variety of options to serve with our poached eggs. I had one “California”-style english muffin with avocado, tomato, bacon and swiss, and another with sautéed mushrooms and tomato. We served with a side of fruit and oven-roasted rosemary potatoes. Delish!  

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{potatoes: slice, drizzle with olive oil and spinkle with salt, old bay, and rosemary, and bake at 350 till soft. easy!}

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