Music Thursday: Gem Club


I pre-ordered Gem Club’s EP about a month ago and totally forgot about it, so it was like a mini-early-birthday when I received the album in the mail last week. I had only previously heard two of the band’s tracks (which I loved) so I was anxious to listen to the full album. Overall, Breakers is pretty great. I had all but worn out my copy of the new Bon Iver record and I am pleased to have found a new album that tucks nicely into the void I was looking to fill.
Gem Club is a collaboration between Christoper Barnes (piano/vocals) and Kristen Drymala (cello/vocals). How could anyone not love the piano-cello combination? The music is melancholy and the lyrics are introverted and poetic. Barnes’s voice is breathy and vulnerable which gives the album a haunting atmosphere as he cries soft lyrics over the minimalist piano and string accompaniment. Basically I love it. The band recently released a video for “Twins” which can be viewed on NPR’s All Songs Considered blog. You can also stream the entire album here. It’s a perfect soundtrack¬†for the newly chilled weather.

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