Music Thursday: Lana Del Rey

Music I am loving right now definitely includes rising New York based singer, Lana Del Rey. Even with only a few tracks out and artsy, film-spliced youtube music videos, Lana is getting a lot of buzz.* (She releases her limited edition 7″ on October 9.)  The most enthralling element of her music is the smoky, retro sound. Lana’s voice oozes a broody romance that makes me want to sip Jameson on the rocks while sitting in a bubble bath, wearing too much eye makeup. (Dramatic much? Just trust me.)
Last month Lana had a featured interview with Pitchfork, in which she reflected on her earlier career and her observations of the music industry with the same nonchalance that is mirrored in many of her recordings. For instance, when asked about her brief time living in a trailer park and whether she fetishized such a lifestyle she responded,
My first record label gave me a small check and I moved into a park near Manhattan. It’s not something I cared to even share but people keep asking me about it. My songs are cinematic so they seem to reference a glamorous era or fetishize certain lifestyles, but that’s not my aim. I’m not trying to create an image or a persona. I’m just singing because that’s what I know how to do.
I must say, I am still not bored with that feigned indifference that pervades indie music. It’s like falling for the bad boy when you’re too young to know better. {Sigh.} Go ahead, give it a listen. I defy you to play “Video Games” on a rainy day and tell me it doesn’t make you pine for the days of that weird emo phase you went through in college.
*I must give full credit to my roommate, Scott, for turning me onto her music. I like to think of myself as the music sage in the house, but Scott really outshone me on this one.

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