Happy Z-day!



Wednesday marked the anniversary of the day that baby Z entered the world. I can only imagine that the city of New Haven was beaming. Z was quite low key about his birthday this year and we didn’t actually hear about the occasion until Tuesday night. This is what happens when we slack on the rooster calendar updates. Fortunately, the roomies and I were able to pull together an intimate celebration complete with cake, champagne, and Christmas poppers (again, sorry about all the Christmas decorations, Z!).

Erin made a delicious funfetti cake, although judging by the outcome, I don’t think she has much of a future in post-happy hour cake decorating (yep, those are dinosaur sprinkles). When Z came home, we popped some bubbly and sang “Don’t Stop Believing” (the glee version, it was all Erin had on her iphone). What a great night! I <3 my roomies.

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